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: Why is spam email still a thing?

(*7*) (*2*) : Why is unsolicited mail e mail nonetheless a factor? 94 issues by way of (*6*)kisamoto 18 hours in the past | (*4*)disguise | previous | favourite | 171 feedback In case you’ve had an e mail account for some time you almost certainly know what I am speaking about. Open your unsolicited mail […]

: Have you ever been “poached” internally? Is this even a thing?

A couple of jobs in the past a coworker of mine, a fellow Senior Website Reliability Engineer who-like I-was pissed off with how our corporate manifested ‘Devops’, and also-like I-had 0 passion in seeking to play the ‘hearts and minds’ recreation of present process a devops transformation did one thing surprising (to me): As a […]

: What’s the next big thing in computing / programming?

(*9*) (*2*) (*6*): What is the subsequent giant factor in computing / programming? 59 issues through (*7*)xchaotic 9 hours in the past | (*5*)disguise | previous | favourite | 123 feedback I controlled to surf one of the most tool hype waves, some like “AI” have no longer in reality benefitted me in a significant approach […]

This Is Literally The Coolest Thing About The New MacBook Pro –

(*3*) (*12*)The brand new MacBook Professional by no means will get too scorching to take care of Apple I’ve spent the previous few days transitioning from a 2019 Intel-based MacBook Professional 16in to one of the newly launched M1 Professional variations of the similar laptop. The adaptation between the two is staggering. A lot has […]

: Favorite Thing Built to Last?

Excellent planes and chisels are heirlooms if handled properly. Gorgeous too. One woodworker I do know has a ‘slick’, a 4″ extensive so blank you’ll be able to use it as a stand-in reflect and so sharp that if you are no longer cautious dealing with it you can harm your self and no longer […]