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: My boss doesn’t think I’m doing good work, how to proceed?

Expensive HN, I am operating my first task out of school and I in point of fact experience it. I am getting to do amusing computer imaginative and prescient stuff, write Rust, nice pay, nice advantages, brief travel, and so forth. And my supervisor and her boss are each tremendous sensible. On the other hand […]

: How to continue to be gracious about the good fortune of rich friends?

I don’t have any cash. I do have wealthy buddies who’re getting richer and richer annually. I you have to be gracious and glad for his or her just right fortune.(*1*) On the other hand it makes me depressed and indignant and green with envy.(*1*) One pal informed me a couple of days in the […]

: Good Python projects to read for modern Python?

Fastapi is a long way from international magnificence in any class instead of utilization. >Rapid: Very prime efficiency, on par with NodeJS and Cross. Is a downright lie (*3*) OP requested for just right tasks to learn. I believe the code high quality may be very prime, the documentation is excellent, it is been a […]

On Good Authority: Our favorite tech and gadgets in 2021

(*2*) Robert Triggs / Running for  is each a blessing and a (little bit of a) curse — please, don’t inform the boss we mentioned that. You get to take a look at numerous cool new tech and units during the yr, however you infrequently have time to experience the most recent and largest ahead of […]

: Good programming streamers / content creators?

Some attention-grabbing selections (all on Twitch): * Kitboga: most commonly messes with tech give a boost to scammers, however every so often works on useful initiatives on circulation * strager: selection tech streamer. Principally works on his undertaking, quick-lint-js, but additionally spends a large number of time serving to his audience with their initiatives. Pleasant […]