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: Those making $500/month on side projects in 2022 – Show and tell

I’m curious: as a HW mission how did you move during the CE / FCC certification procedure and manufacturing 0-series batch? Did you might have some investor or paid from your individual pocket? Asking as someone who concept making some embedded / HW initiatives, however the preliminary price turns out to a lot to be […]

: Good Python projects to read for modern Python?

Fastapi is a long way from international magnificence in any class instead of utilization. >Rapid: Very prime efficiency, on par with NodeJS and Cross. Is a downright lie (*3*) OP requested for just right tasks to learn. I believe the code high quality may be very prime, the documentation is excellent, it is been a […]

: Show your failed projects and share a lesson you learned

I labored solo for three years on a three-D cyberpunk shooter all in a customized C++ engine. It used to be a hybrid unmarried/multiplayer concept, the place you possibly can growth during the marketing campaign and come across different gamers on the similar time. The twist used to be, consistent with the cyberpunk theme, as […]

: Those making $500/month on side projects in 2021 – Show and tell

Do you imply, gross sales taxes or private source of revenue taxes? How an individual manages the ones depends upon their nation. If you’ll be able to, rent an native accountant to assist or no less than get recommendation. If the quantities get sufficiently big you might wish to open a trade for your self. […]

: How do you stick to projects?

(*2*)(*3*)(*1*)Posting right here in case somebody else goes via the similar factor and may just have the benefit of studying the feedback. I am getting hooked in to a brand new language, framework, concept, mission, or pastime for 1/2/14 days, then hand over. Like clockwork. For some concrete examples, I am speaking about such things […]