PCI-SIG concerned about potential thermal variance with 12VHPWR (PCIe Gen5) power cable adapters

PCI-SIG investigates if PCIe Gen5 “12VHPWR” cable adapters pose overcurrent chance

(*16*)An editorial on possible 12VHPWR adapter problems used to be printed via (*7*). The website online controlled to acquire an electronic mail from PCI-SIG group to its individuals, emerging a priority over the standard of chronic cable adapters for 12VHPWR connector. 


Within the following weeks, we’re going to see high-end GPUs with TDPs attaining a lot upper ranges than sooner than. This may be the time when chronic provide makers introduce emblem new ATX3.0 suitable designs that experience restrictive chronic tour specs and must already be provided with fashionable GPU chronic connectors (despite the fact that now not essentially).

The 12VHPWR, PCIe Gen5, 12+4-pin or 16-pin chronic connector is the latest same old for high-power GPUs similar to GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, the primary fashion to improve this new connector. NVIDIA has been experimenting with new connectors with the advent of RTX 30 collection and its 12-pin connector, supported via all Founders Version fashions.

However even the 12-pin chronic cable isn’t enough anymore as it used to be according to twin 8-pin adapter that may best ship 300W of chronic via ATX 2.0 specifications (plus further 75W chronic from the PCIe motherboard slot).


3×8pin to 12VHWPR adapter, Supply: EVGA

The RTX 40 collection will want extra chronic, no less than the high-end fashions will. The RTX 4090 has default TGP of 450W with even upper chronic for customized fashions. For such TGP, three 8-pin chronic cables are wanted or even the slightest TGP adjustment implies that 3×150W chronic spec is exceeded.

PCI-SIG has knowledgeable its member that the group is conscious about possible thermal variance for 12VHPWR adapters. The group is recently investigating reviews of possible overcurrent chance when the usage of such adapters.

Expensive PCI-SIG Member,

Please be instructed that PCI-SIG has turn into conscious that some implementations of the 12VHPWR connectors and assemblies have demonstrated thermal variance, which might lead to questions of safety beneath positive prerequisites. Even if PCI-SIG specs supply essential knowledge for interoperability, they don’t try to surround all sides of right kind design, depending on a lot of business best-known strategies and same old design practices. Because the PCI-SIG workgroups come with many a professional professionals within the box of connector and device design, they are going to be having a look on the knowledge to be had about this business factor and aiding in any solution to no matter extent is acceptable.

As extra main points emerge, PCI-SIG would possibly supply additional updates. Within the interim, we suggest individuals paintings carefully with their connector distributors and workout due diligence in the usage of high-power connections, in particular the place protection considerations would possibly exist.

Thank You,

The problem has been defined via who arrange a check with twin 8-pin and triple 8-pin chronic adapters used for 600W and 450W load respectively. For the twin 8-pin adapter, the burden used to be uniform, however it exceeded the 150W score via a magnitude of 2. For the triple-8-pin adapter (the similar one that ships with RTX 3090Ti) the facility used to be now not proportionally disbursed, and it exceeded chronic draw via 88% for the primary 8-pin connector.


Triple 8-pin to 12VHPWR adapter with 450W GPU check, Supply:

(*16*)12VHPWR Connector To 2 x 8-Pin Adapter In 600W Check Load:

  • 1 x 8-Pin Connector = 25.4A or 304.8W (2x Building up Over 150W Score)
  • 1 x 8-Pin Connector = 25.1A or 301.2W (2x Building up Over 150W Score)
  • (*19*)

    (*16*)12VHPWR Connector To 3 x 8-Pin Adapter In 450W Check Load:

    • 1 x 8-Pin Connector = 25.34A or 282.4W (88% Building up Over 150W Score)
    • 1 x 8-Pin Connector = 7.9A or 94.8W (Inside of 150W Energy Score)
    • 1 x 8-Pin Connector = 6.41 or 76.92W (Inside of 150W Energy Score)
    • (*19*)


      Twin 8-pin to 12VHPWR adapter with 600W GPU check, Supply:

      One must observe, alternatively, that ATX 3.0 chronic provides aren’t required to characteristic Gen5 connector, now not even the ones above 450W. This used to be showed via HardwareBusters. What this implies is that 12VHPWR adapters would possibly nonetheless be required for ATX 3.0 provides, must for any reason why PSU corporations now not need to equip their merchandise with the brand new connector.

      Whilst PCI-SIG investigates the thermal variance for current adapters, customers are instructed to imagine ATX 3.0 chronic provides with fashionable PCIe Gen5 12VHPWR connector natively applied, as no thermal variance is seen right here. The group is to free up a record at the factor quickly, most likely sooner than NVIDIA launches its new GPUs. Expectantly, this can be totally investigated via tech reviewers previously.

      Supply: (*7*)

      (*12*) (*12*)

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