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RCS is too little too late, and Google is having a tantrum over a lost battle

There’s surely not anything ‘new’ in Google’s arguments; all of us understood the location, however we’d permitted iMessage’s exclusivity and stopped wondering it each day. This new public outcry, although, succeeded in placing one extra time the highlight on Apple’s tactic and the anti-social behaviors it’s implicitly encouraging amongst US youngsters. It’s additionally the primary […]

: Why is everything changing too fast?

(*2*) I am getting on (I am just about 50) – no longer a tool dev (thank god) however extra a challenge supervisor. I do numerous the “knitting in combination” kind paintings between builders, UX other folks, designers, content material homeowners, and so on. Till lately, we used to do such things as write cheatsheets […]

: Know any non Librem5 PinePhone for Mobile Linux? Legacy devices too!

I’ve now not noticed any love for the Cosmo’s cellular linux {hardware}. It has a lot better specifications than the Pine and Librem choices, has a headphone jack not like the Fairphone 4, and turns out criminally unmentioned.(*(*4*)*)https://retailer.planetcom.co.united kingdom/merchandise/gemini-pda-1(*1*)(*(*4*)*)https://retailer.planetcom.co.united kingdom/merchandise/cosmo-communicator(*1*)(*(*4*)*)Older Android gadgets supported through PostMarketOS also are by no means discussed, comparable to those Xiaomi […]

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