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: Is it just me or do 99% of SWE jobs offers seem completely pointless?

(*16*) (*2*) (*7*): Is it simply me or do 99% of SWE jobs gives appear totally needless? 144 issues via (*6*)throwawaynay 16 hours in the past | (*5*)conceal | previous | (*3*)favourite | 188 feedback I am sort of attempting to find a role, and even supposing I actually want one, I am totally unmotivated via […]

: My coworker doesn’t work. Does it make sense for me to say anything?

(*4*) (*2*) (*6*): My coworker does not paintings. Does it make sense for me to mention the rest? 62 issues via (*7*)drooby 6 hours in the past | cover | previous | (*3*)favourite | 85 feedback My coworker has slightly labored for over a 14 days now. No funny story and no exaggeration. Each and every […]

Wordle is the perfect game for a non-gamer like me

(*1*) Rita El Khoury / It’s not that i am a gamer in any sense of the notice. My telephones, my iPad, my iMac, my Pixelbook, my Nvidia Protect and different Android TV units, they’re all residing a game-less lifestyles. However for the previous few days, I’ve been sucked into the 🟩 🟨 ⬛️ Wordle […]

Streaming services are a mess, but JustWatch keeps me sane

(*6*)(*5*) Roger Fingas / I feel we’re all conscious at this level that cord-cutting hasn’t simplified our lives the way in which a few of us have been hoping. The preliminary promise appeared to be that shall we subscribe to one or two services and products and get various films and TV displays. Because the […]

The most innovative tech gear of 2021, according to me –

Innovation. What a fully slippery phrase, 2d simplest to “invention.” Up to we are culturally keen on the perception of the “eureka!” second or “game-changing” gadgets, necessary leaps in generation (or science or philosophy or…nearly any self-discipline) development slowly and quietly till they seem, reputedly full-sprung from the heads at Apple. Or Google. Or Microsoft. […]