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: Anyone making a living building desktop applications?

I am making Home windows/.Internet founded app for managing queues – QueueExplorer. Began with MSMQ enhance again in 2005, now it helps Azure Provider Bus, RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ. It is old-fashioned perpetual licensing, so profit is a rollercoaster. As a result of that, it is emotional rollercoaster as nicely. Just right factor is you receives […]

: What’s the easiest way to make a living with $600k in cash?

Step 1: Do not take recommendation from other people on HackerNews Step 2: Why are you continue to being attentive to me? However critically, there is a million techniques to lose cash and now not as some ways to make it. In finding the item that provides you with pleasure and that you are just […]

: How can I stop worrying and start living?

This can be a foolish little mindgame nevertheless it truly does assist with fear and rigidity. You principally turn all worst-case situations on their head to peer some great benefits of no matter scenario you are in. Just right Sport: <reputedly horrible factor occurs> Just right! Now I will …. Eg. My husband is divorcing […]