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: What if submitting a story cost 1 karma?

(*5*) (*9*) (*2*) : What if filing a tale value 1 karma? 57 issues via (*7*)karmakaze 9 hours in the past | (*4*)conceal | (*1*)previous | favourite | 76 feedback May just this have the specified impact of lowering low-quality posts that the poster considers as such when posting? My dependancy is already simplest to publish […]

: What if a new generation of developers is right about Web3?

Believe as a idea experiment that they are now not superb at articulating what the intuitively really feel to be proper about web3. Once they speak about decentralization it a lot much less about era than routing across the central locus of keep an eye on that function gatekeepers to stay other people down. Possibly […]

: If not fresh out of college, what did you do to join a FAANG?

(*2*) : If now not recent out of school, what did you do to enroll in a FAANG? 42 issues via wallflower (*10*)3 hours in the past | conceal | previous | (*3*)favourite | (*10*)71 feedback Given the elimination of the wish to transfer to a Prime-COL space to paintings for a FAANG-type or FAANG-aspiring corporate […]

: How to find a job in 2021 if I dislike remote?

(*2*) : Easy methods to discover a process in 2021 if I dislike far flung? 86 issues via throwawayfrmt (*10*)4 hours in the past | (*4*)disguise | previous | favourite | (*10*)59 feedback I’m lovely extroverted and derive a large number of which means and pleasure from running with other folks IRL, now not simply throughout […]

: Have you found something you love to do? If yes how?

I am not obsessed about “operating for my hobby” or anything else like that. I’ve a excellent lifestyles outdoor of labor, supported via my prime paying programmer process. I did numerous job-hopping the previous few years searching for the suitable position to paintings, and I after all discovered it. I search for firms that admire […]