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: Am I being instructed to do something illegal? (DEI hiring practices)

(*2*) : Am I being advised to do one thing unlawful? (DEI hiring practices) 224 issues via (*7*)anon926310 (*11*)11 hours in the past | (*5*)conceal | previous | favourite | (*11*)186 feedback I paintings in an engineering division at a tech corporate in the United States. I have labored on many hiring initiatives over time however […]

: Is it just me or do 99% of SWE jobs offers seem completely pointless?

(*16*) (*2*) (*7*): Is it simply me or do 99% of SWE jobs gives appear totally needless? 144 issues via (*6*)throwawaynay 16 hours in the past | (*5*)conceal | previous | (*3*)favourite | 188 feedback I am sort of attempting to find a role, and even supposing I actually want one, I am totally unmotivated via […]

: What websites do you use to find cutting edge information?

In all my needs that it were not so, the most productive solution is Twitter. A large number of teachers, practitioners, politicans, reporters are there. If you wish to learn one thing intensive, Twitter I in finding could also be highest to seek out resources there. (*3*) The folks doing the true leading edge stuff […]

: What do you say to someone who wants to get into software development?

(*4*) (*2*) : What do you are saying to anyone who desires to get into tool building? 42 issues by means of (*7*)ramesh31 20 hours in the past | (*5*)cover | previous | favourite | 69 feedback Every so often I’ve buddies who actually need to get focused on tool, however they’ve 0 background in it […]

: Do you have to use LinkedIn to get hired?

I’ve by no means were given a role thru LinkedIn, although I am getting numerous contacts from recruiters – as many as 10 every week. The issue is that the ones contacts are deficient high quality. They’re spammy as heck, principally mass emailing any person who has a particular seek word any place of their […]