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: How do you avoid dopamine addiction on social media?

(*2*) (*7*): How do you steer clear of dopamine dependancy on social media? 55 issues through hubraumhugo (*15*)15 hours in the past | (*5*)conceal | previous | favourite | 105 feedback After posting on social media, I discovered myself refreshing my notifications relatively continuously. Are you aware that feeling? If this is the case, how do […]

: How do you manage or avoid meltdowns?

(*7*) (*16*) (*2*) (*5*): How do you set up or keep away from meltdowns? 61 issues by way of (*6*)solididiot 1 day in the past | conceal | (*1*)previous | favourite | 89 feedback Being a SW Eng I spent hours on a chair. In home-office. COVID lockdowns made this worse. Added further pressure because of […]