Summoners War Chronicles Reroll [Detailed Guide]

Summoners Battle: Chronicles permits its avid gamers to reroll the sport and get started once more proper after spending a couple of mins within the sport. In the event you’re some of the avid gamers who didn’t get the rest flashy proper off the bat and feature been searching for how you can reroll the sport? That is without equal information you want. On this, we will be able to provide an explanation for to you the entire reroll mechanics and procedure together with the most productive monsters that you’ll get proper off the bat.

Vital: Avid gamers are to be notified that rerolling the sport will result in the lack of all the growth information that they’ve made up to now so warning is suggested ahead of making an attempt to do it.

Key Takeaways

  • The reroll will result in the lack of in-game growth whilst enjoying the Summoners Battle Chronicles.
  • Avid gamers don’t want more than one accounts to re-roll within the sport.
  • Avid gamers can reroll the sport virtually limitless occasions at the similar account.
  • Summoners Battle: Chronicles may also be rerolled after 15 to 20 mins of preliminary gameplay so there’s a good bit of cooldown to the mechanic.
  • For avid gamers who don’t need to lose their account identify, they must trade it ahead of re-rolling the sport.

What’s Reroll

Reroll is the method of rolling out a sport once more. In simple phrases, avid gamers reset their sport growth and get started the sport as soon as once more from 0. In maximum MMO RPGs, avid gamers are given a loose quantity of foreign money and rewards. This foreign money and rewards can be utilized to drag out mythical pieces in a sport such because the monsters in Summoners Battle: Chronicles

If avid gamers don’t seem to be fortunate sufficient and don’t get just right pieces at the first check out then they reroll the sport to check their good fortune once more. As a result of everybody desires to get their palms on one thing uncommon or mythical in order that they are able to growth quicker than different avid gamers within the sport.

How To Reroll

In Summoners Battle: Chronicles most often the reroll must be carried out after avid gamers get the Mystic Summoning Scrolls. Upon getting the scrolls, avid gamers are meant to carry out the summoning and summon the monsters on the Summoning Altar. Avid gamers can achieve the summoning altar proper after enjoying the sport for about 15 to 20 mins. That is the place you must be re-rolling your sport. 

The next steps must be carried out to reroll the sport:

    • Cross to Settings
    • Make a choice the Account Tab throughout the settings
Account Tab in Settings [Screenshot Grab: ]
  • Click on at the Delete Account button
  • The sport will ask you to sort Delete Now within the recommended.
Delete Account Urged [Screenshot Grab: ]
  • Sort Delete Now.
Delete Now Urged [Screenshot Grab: ]
  • As soon as this procedure is finished, the present sport growth will probably be erased.
  • So, avid gamers need to reroll the sport at their very own possibility.
  • After the sport is re-rolled, avid gamers can get started it from 0 and choose a brand new summoner in their selection.

Why Reroll

Proper, when avid gamers achieve personality stage 3 then, they’re rewarded with five Mystic Summoning Scrolls. One summoning scroll is rewarded at stage 2, and avid gamers can summon one monster totally free. So, a complete of seven summons may also be carried out at first of the sport. Avid gamers can take the potential of those summonses and summon a formidable monster that may turn out to be useful and can lend a hand to transparent the sport quicker. 

So, the primary reason avid gamers reroll their sport is they need to summon a formidable monster proper at first of the sport. Rerolling the sport value avid gamers not anything however simply fifteen mins of gameplay. If it will probably lend a hand avid gamers to get their palms on a formidable monster, then why don’t you reroll the sport and get started once more?

Best possible Monsters All over Reroll

As you summon the monsters, then there are gonna be a large number of summons that will not be in line with your liking. The opposite side might be that many of the avid gamers don’t know which monster they must be going for after the reroll. Which monster is thought of as a just right best friend, or which ones can lend a hand to transparent the quests quicker?

So, because of this, we’ve got supplied a small record of monsters that you just must be going for right through the reroll procedure. Those monsters are said underneath:


Hellea [Screenshot Grab: ]

Sometimes called Darkish Harpy. Hellea is thought of as to be one of the very best damage-dealing monsters within the sport. The plus level of opting for Hellea is that she is a three-star monster. It will be really easy to improve her with fewer assets. As a result of no one goes to get heaps of assets proper off the bat. Hellea may be very talked-about some of the avid gamers.


Hellea has the next set of talents:

  • Elementary Assault: She has the elemental assault, which is the commonest assault for each monster to be had in Summoners Battle: Chronicles.
  • Fox Hunt: If the overall strike is a important hit, then Hellea will stun its goal whilst flapping its wings two times to release an assault.
    • Mana Price: 2 bars
    • Cooldown: 12 seconds
  • Signal of Loss of life: By using its fierce claws, Hellea launches an assault at the enemy goal, with each and every hit sporting a likelihood of causing DEF DOWN (protection aid) and lengthening DMG Taken Up (will increase harm taken by way of the enemy).
    • Mana Price: 4 bars
    • Cooldown: 24 seconds



Sekhmet [Image Captured by ]

Many of the avid gamers regarded as Sekhmet as a PvP (participant vs participant) monster. She’s often referred to as Hearth Barren region Queen. Sekhmet is a five-star monster, so upgrading her is gonna value rather a number of assets. In the event you’re a fan of dungeon raiding in Summoners Battle: Chronicles, then having Sekhmet for your monster record can end up to be much more useful. 


Sekhmet is supplied with the next talent set:

  • Elementary Assault: Similar to every other monster, she additionally has the elemental assault.
  • Curse of the Gorgeous: The realm is bombarded three occasions by way of sinister power, which objectives enemies inside of it. If the objective does no longer have really helpful results, there’s a likelihood that it can be silenced.
    • Mana Price: 3 bars
    • Cooldown: 18 seconds
  • Fascinating Voice:  Sekhmet elevates its body of workers to attack the enemy goal and confiscates all their effective results. Applies DEF DOWN to the enemy goal if the scouse borrow is a hit.
    • Mana Price: 4 bars
    • Cooldown: 24 seconds
  • Final Fascinating Voice: Sekhmet borrows historic energy to assault the enemies inside the house and scouse borrow all really helpful assaults.
    • Cooldown: none



Bastet [Image Captured by ]

Sekhmet’s sister, Bastet is a five-star monster. She is thought of as to be one of the most productive healers within the sport having robust offensive talents. Her talent set isn’t that a lot other from that of Sekhmet.


Following are the abilities that avid gamers can use whilst the use of Bastet:

  • Elementary Assault: Can use the elemental assault like each different monster to be had within the sport.
  • Curse of the Gorgeous: Sinister power descends from the sky, bombarding enemies inside the house three times. Each strike holds a likelihood of causing ATK DOWN (reduces the wear and tear dealt by way of enemies).
    • Mana Price: 4 bars 
    • Cooldown: 28 seconds
  • Oasis’s Blessings: Applies ATK Up (magnify assault harm) and Shields to within sight allies. This talent too can repair mana if the summoner’s HP is complete.
    • Mana Price: 4 bars
    • Cooldown: 28 seconds 
  • Final Oasis’s Blessings: Applies ATK Up (magnify assault harm) and protect to within sight allies. As well as, it will increase the summoner’s final gauge.
    • Cooldown: none


Argen [Image Captured by ]

Excluding the monsters mentioned above, Argen is one of the monsters that you just must be taking a look ahead to summoning during the Mystic Summoning Scrolls. It is thought of as to be one of the very best damage-dealing monsters within the sport, similar to Hellea.

However not like Hellea, Argen is a five-star monster, so it would end up to be exhausting to improve Argen with the beginning assets however take into account that Argen is one of essentially the most robust monsters that you’ll download from the Mystical Summoning Scrolls.


This was once it for the reroll information of Summoners Battle: Chronicles. Even supposing the method of rerolling isn’t that a lot sophisticated, once more, making issues simple for you is a part of our activity.

Our staff has additionally lined the information at the coupon codes to be had in Summoners Battle: Chronicles. Be sure you test it out, as it will probably end up to be useful.

Summoners Battle: Chronicles is an Motion RPG sport that takes you on a adventure during the conflicts and choices that experience formed the state of the sector. As you delve into the sport, you get to choose one of three robust (*15*)Summoners: Orbia, Kina, or Cleaf.

Then embark on an journey to discover the continents. All over the sport, you’ll summon monsters to assist you within the battle in opposition to the darkness that seeps during the Rift of Worlds.

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