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Looking for laptop screen? Compatible with most laptops, desktop computers, smart tvs and other equipment that support typec. It is used to repair faulty, cracked or broken lcd surface on your laptop screen. It is designed for the laptop screen to protect the phone from scratch, bumps, dust and dirt. In the meantime, it is used to repair faulty lcd display screen and make the front end of the monitor with big force on the lcd screen, if your screens broken, or lcd screen from a new one. If the lcd screen is broken, you can’t need to buy a new one for your screen. If you only use the screen, you can’t receive a new one. This multilayer screen has high resolution and is suitable for both home use and business office. This is an original fit for screen. Meanwhile, it is used to repair faulty screen, broken touch digitizer screen part on your lcd display with this one. It will work as long as the original one has a screen. In, you can also find other good deals on laptop parts & accessories, computer & office and laptop lcd screen!