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Maximum laptop producers are liberating a full-performance gaming/paintings laptop with an 18-inch show as of early 2023.

On this article, I’m explaining what to anticipate in relation to length, display screen high quality, and function from those 18-inch laptops, and the way they evaluate to the 17-inch laptop fashions to be had up to now (and nonetheless to be had these days).


Then we’ll talk about that are the Best possible 18-inch laptops of this technology, for both gaming or non-gamig use (writer, programming, engineering), in addition to muster an in depth checklist of to be had notebooks with those giant 18″ presentations, that can assist you unmarried out the instrument that perfect meets your wishes and price range.

What to anticipate from 18-inch laptops?

So far as length is going, those 18-inch machines are reasonably better and heavier than maximum 17-inch possible choices. Thus, you will have to get those for basically table use, and no more so for on-the-go use, the place a smaller and lighter structure would make extra sense.

Simply to higher perceive the diversities in dimensions between those two segments, right here’s an image of the 18-inch ROG Scar 2023 subsequent to the 17-inch ROG Scar 2022.


18-inch ROG Scar 2023 (left) subsequent to the 17-inch ROG Scar 2022 (proper)

In fact, those dimensions vary between the to be had fashions, however inside tight limits. The image above additionally hints that the 18-inch presentations on those laptops are 16:10 codecs, whilst maximum 17-inch fashions are available 16:9 codecs (with just a few exceptions).

Regardless, the bigger length of those 18-inch computer systems is basically a results of the 18-inch 16:10 show being better than the 17-inch presentations, significantly taller and a couple of mm wider as properly.

Then again, it’s additionally a result of the truth that the 18-inch fashions to be had up to now are full-size designs with uncompromised functionality. A fancy cooling module is wanted as a way to correctly care for the newest {hardware} ((*16*)Intel Core i9 HX, AMD Ryzen 9 HX, (*18*)as much as RTX 4090 graphics) at complete chronic, which results in a big and quite thick chassis most often. With out a exception, all of the 18-inch choices to be had on the time of this text weigh 3+ pounds.

Compared, 17-inch laptops are to be had in a broader vary of codecs, maximum choices being identical full-performance machines, however some being a lot thinner and lighter designs. I’d reckon thinner 18-inch fashions shall be to be had one day, however don’t seem to be these days.

So far as the introduced 18-inch panels cross, there are two major choices to be had for now:

  • an IPS panel with QHD+ 2560 x 1600 px answer, 240Hz 3ms gaming specifications, and 100% DCI-P3 colour protection;
  • a miniLED panel with with identical specifications (QHD+, 250Hz 3ms, 100% DCI-P3 colour protection), however upper brightness and dimming-zones.

This mini LED panel appears to be unique to a unmarried product in the interim, however it is going to be introduced on different choices sooner or later. You will have to additionally take a look at this text for a extra detailed rationalization of mini LED panel generation on laptops.

The IPS QHD+ panel is to be had in all of the different choices. Listed here are the specifications of this 18-inch IPS panel, according to our findings from the Scar 18 overview.

  • Panel HardwareID: BOE BOE0B359 (NE180QDM-NZ2);
  • Protection: 99.8% sRGB, 85.3% AdobeRGB, 99.0% DCI-P3;
  • Measured gamma: 2.17;
  • Max brightness in the course of the display screen: 454.72.47 cd/m2 on chronic;
  • Min brightness in the course of the display screen: 23.25 cd/m2 on chronic;
  • Distinction at max brightness: 1053:1;
  • White level: 7200 Okay;
  • Black on max brightness: 0.43 cd/m2;
  • PWM: No.

It’s a excellent panel with honest brightness and superb colours. Blacks at excessive brightness are slightly grayish, and that affected the distinction as properly. However, be expecting some extent of variation between the carried out panels, so take a look at the overview for precise main points at the laptop that you simply’re fascinated about.

Best possible 18-inch laptops

We’ll know extra about those 18-inch laptops in a couple of weeks, when we get to study them, so for now it’s too early to attract correct conclusions on a Best possible 18-inch style, however I can give an explanation for the principle particularities of each and every choice.

Non-gaming 18-inch choices (writer, paintings)

Whilst all of the to be had 18-inch laptops be offering the options and the functionality required for any kind of not easy a lot, a unmarried choice sticks out as a non-gaming design, one thing a few of chances are you’ll search for on your paintings laptop.

That’s the (*17*)Razer Blade 18, with the well-appreciated Razer design and construct high quality. That is not a thin-and-light laptop with a large display screen, just like the (*14*)Blade 17 chassis, however a thicker and heavier choice that permits the internals to run at upper chronic than up to now generations. This is not going to fairly fit the sustained functionality and thermal capability of the bulkier gaming choices, however it is going to come shut in maximum a lot.

Different doable choices with reasonably non-gaming designs are the Predator Helios 18 and the ROG Strix G18, even if each are bulkier and extra competitive taking a look than the Blade.


Gaming 18-inch notebooks

Acer, Alienware, and Asus be offering 18-inch gaming laptops at this level, whilst MSI or Lenovo haven’t but unveiled such an choice but.

The Acer Predator Helios 18 is the one one providing that mini LED panel discussed previous and is a quite blank design, however may be no longer as {powerful} as the opposite choices.

The Alienware m18 and the Asus ROG Scar 18 are each full-power designs with some large cooling modules (quad-fan at the Alienware, tri-fan at the ROG, each with abundant radiators and a fancy array of heatpipes). Each may also be specced as much as an Intel Core i9-13980HX processor and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 175W dGPU. The Alienware m18 can be to be had in an AMD Merit model one day, however simplest in a mid-tier configuration, since AMD does no longer be offering high-tier RDNA3 dGPUs at this level.

For what’s value, the Alienware m18 is a 250W crossload chronic design (75W CPU TDP + 175W GPU TGP), whilst the Scar is a 240W design (65W CPU TDP + 175W TGP). The opposite choices allocate 35-55 W of chronic to the CPU in mixed a lot.


Large cooling modules stand out at the most-powerful 18-inch laptops of this technology

In large phrases, specifications and cooling apart, the Alienware draws with its emblem presence and iconic design, in addition to an non-compulsory CherryMX mechanical keyboard, but additionally calls for a top class in maximum markets. The ROG Scar 18, alternatively, is a refinement of the former ROG designs, and perhaps a well-balanced choice on this top class functionality area of interest, with a extra reasonably priced charge than the Alienware for the high-specced configurations.

In any case, the ROG Strix G18 is just about the similar chassis and cooling because the ROG Scar 18, however with extra elementary aesthetics. This shall be most commonly to be had in mid-tier configurations with RTX 4060/4070 graphics, so will basically cater to a extra price-conscious doable purchaser.

I’ll replace this segment when we get to study those notebooks, within the following months.

Listed here are some detailed evaluations of a few of these 18-inch gaming gadgets:

And right here’s what to anticipate in relation to 4K and QHD gaming at the RTX 4090/4080 configurations of those laptops.

The entire checklist of 18-inch laptops to be had in 2023

There are just a handful of notebooks with 18-inch monitors to be had at this level, and I’ve indexed they all down underneath, in alphabetical order.

TypeDisplay screen{Hardware}GraphicsWeight
(*10*)Acer Predator Helios 1818-inch 16:10 miniLED QHD 250Hz as much as Core i9-13950HX / max 64 GB RAM DDR5-5600as much as RTX 4080 165W, MUX7.1 lbs /3.25 kg
new 2023 style; top class 18-inch gaming laptop; steel construct and per-key RGB keyboard; QHD miniLED 16:10 show, 250Hz 3ms; a couple of configurations – as much as i9-13980HX + RTX 4080 165W; 2x RAM and 2x SSD slots; dual-fan cooling; 90 Wh battery + 280W charger, twin speakers
Worth: –
Alienware M18 R1, AMD Merit18-inch 16:10 FHD+ 480 Hz / QHD+ 240 Hz matteas much as Ryzen 9 7945HX / max 64 GB DDR5 RAMas much as RX 7600M XT (120W), MUX7.3 lbs / 3.3 kg
new 2023 style; top class design with Cherry MX RGB keyboard and a number of other display screen choices; a number of configurations, as much as R9 7945HX + Radeon RX 760M XT within the AMD Merit variant; 2x RAM, 4x gen4 SSD; complicated quad-fan cooling module; 86 Wh battery, 280W charger, dual-speakers
Worth: –
Alienware m18 R1, Intel18-inch 16:10 IPS QHD 240Hzas much as Core i9-13980HX / max 64 GB RAM DDR5-5200as much as RTX 4090 (175W), MUX7.3 lbs /3.3 kg
new 2023 style; Intel variant of the similar Alienware m18 chassis described above, as much as i9-13980HX and RTX 4090 175W, as much as 330W charger
Worth: –
Asus ROG Strix SCAR 18 G63418-inch 16:10 IPS QHD+ 240Hzas much as Core i9-13980HX / max 64 GB RAM DDR5-5200as much as RTX 4090 (175W), MUX6.9 lbs /3.1 kg
detailed overview – new 2023 style, top class 18-inch functionality laptop, per-key RGB keyboard and more than a few display screen choices; a couple of configurations, as much as Core i9-13980HX + RTX 4090 with tri-fan cooling module and 7 heatpipes; 90W battery + 330W charger; quad speakers
Worth: –
(*15*)Asus ROG Strix G18 G81418-inch 16:10 IPS QHD+ 240Hzas much as Core i9-13980HX / max 64 GB RAM DDR5-4800as much as RTX 4090 (175W), MUX6.9 lbs /3.1 kg
new 2023 style, mid-tier 18-inch functionality laptop; more practical design and no RGB, zone RGB keyboard and more than a few IPS display screen choices; a couple of configurations, as much as Core i9-13980HX + RTX 4090 with tri-fan cooling module; 90W battery + 330W charger; quad speakers
Worth: –
(*17*)Razer Blade 1818-inch 16:10 IPS QHD+ 240Hzas much as Core i9-13980HX / max 64 GB RAM DDR5-5200as much as RTX 4090 (175W), MUX7.1 lbs / 3.2 kg
detailed overview – new 2023 style, top class all-purpose laptop; per-key RGB keyboard; 6:10 IPS QHD show, 240Hz 3ms, 5MPx digicam, tri-fan cooling, 92 battery, and 6x speakers
Worth: $3999 for i9 + 4090 style

That’s about it for now, however I’m maintaining a watch out for any new fashions. However, I’d admire your lend a hand letting me know if you happen to spot any 18-inch laptop that are supposed to be in right here and isn’t.

Moreover, I’m on your ideas on those full-size 18-inch laptop designs. Are you getting this kind of system that may be offering the most efficient functionality conceivable in a pocket book structure these days, or would you slightly go for a extra balanced 16-inch design as a substitute?


One of the most Best possible 18-inch laptops to be had these days

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